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December 6, 2006
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Biju Wallpaper by SuburbanWulf Biju Wallpaper by SuburbanWulf
It took me several weeks to get this done, but here it is! Started by getting a rough sketch of all the outlines, then put a new sheet of paper over it and drew the actual, chibified, biju. Some of the biju haven't been seen in the anime or the manga yet, so I drew them from what people online say. The only problem one was the Yonbi, as he didn't have any kind of picture to go off of. I know it's big, but it's a wallpaper.

In order, we have:
Shichibi no Shukaku-top left corner
Nibi no Nekomata-lower left, by the "B"
Sanbi-right of the Shukaku
Yonbi-right of the "B"
Gobi-right of the Sanbi
Rokubi-below the Gobi and right of the Yonbi
Shichibi-below the Shukaku and left of the Nibi
Hachibi-lower right, below the Yonbi and the Rokubi
Kyubi-upper right, right of the Gobi

If that doesn't help, count the tails. Shukaku has one, Nibi has two, Sanbi has three, Yonbi has four, Gobi has five, Rokubi has six, Shichibi has seven, Hachibi has eight, and Kyubi has nine.

For those who are familiar with pictures of the Hachibi, it was stated that the Hachibi was either a dragon or a snake. I prefered drawing an eight-tailed dragon over an eight-headed snake.

I'll probably draw each of the biju individually later, once the class comics are all caught up.

Edit: Alright, time to explain Shichibi, and any others that someone would like to argue about. First of all, this is my own view of the Biju. Whether it is correct or not is irrevelent to the picture. Second, The animals that you see here are coming from pictures that I saw on the Naruto site I am part of. The only one that was pictureless was Yonbi. So now, please, no more comments on if I drew the correct animal. It will drive me crazy!
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How ever long ago you made this it is in Correct there wrong but one two three and nine
SuburbanWulf Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a couple years ago, before they revealed all the Biju.
this is great! i can never find the biju all together in one pic, ANYWHERE! thank you so much!
SuburbanWulf Nov 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, though I might make an updated version if they ever release what the Biju actually look like.
can't wait! 8D
no offense but U SUCK at drawing bijuu
that was rude.
SuburbanWulf Apr 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Acctually, it might just be the colored pencils. Besides, no one's perfect. I just find that I'm drawing them in my own way. So, I don't suck.

How do you suck at art? I'd really like to know.
Uh dude, Shichibi no Mujina (or Shichibi no Kaku) is a badger...
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